OSOK is a family owned and run business that has rich, long standing ties to the military and shooting community. Family members associated with OSOK have served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Air Force Intelligence and the NSA.

We began loading ammunition as a hobby in 1984 and have grown from just one single stage press to a full shop with 4 product assemble lines. However, each and every round of ammunition is hand inspected and tested by the founding family members.

At OSOK, we are proud to have served our country and continue today with serving by offering a QUALITY product with superior CUSTOMER SERVICE.

NOTICE! All prices and delivery times are current suspended.  Due to delays from component vendors and major price increases for components, all prices and delivery times will be confirmed during orders. Backorder dates require 50% deposit and are currently running 3 months.  Please email us as the phones are too busy to answer. Please email or call us for details for backorders.

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